• Welcome to NCMCD

    The NCMCD is governed at the state level by the State Reclamation and Mosquito Control Board (SRMCB) which is housed within the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR).

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  • Water Management

    Ever wonder what we do during the winter? During the mosquito "off-season," we do what we can to eliminate potential mosquito breeding areas.

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  • GIS Mapping

    The Norfolk County Mosquito Control District utilizes Geographic Information System (GIS) to document and distribute information to the public about various aspects of our program.

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As a reminder, in order for us to spray, temperatures must be 60 degrees or above at the time we spray, and it cannot be raining.
We have disabled the “Check Water” option on our forms. At this point, mosquito larvae have likely hatched into adults which means there would be no larvae to treat in the water.  We will be monitoring rain events throughout the summer, and if a heavy rain event occurs where wetlands would likely re-flood, we will make the “Check Water” option available.
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